One Year

I am so far behind here it’s not even funny. Expect four posts next week (11 months, a photo dump, 12 months/birthday party, and mine and B’s trip to Disney for Star Wars Weekend). For now, though…

kara composite

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Kara, you are our unicorn baby, and even though Mommy and Daddy may have brief moments where we are tired and frustrated, we never forget what a miracle it is that you’re here, and we don’t take any days with you for granted. We love you so much, and are so proud and happy to be your parents! ❤


Mid-Month Photo Dump

26Hanging out with Aunt A so mom could go to work early

Big girl digging in Nanny’s purse

Chasing down Puffs!

We prefer to play with the box our toy came in

I look just like mommy!

This is my crab pool.  I can’t wait to swim in it!





















First Time on a Swing!




10 Months

Much apologies. This is probably going to be a shortened version of the monthly update, because I’m just too tired and in too much pain (but we’ll get to that later).  All pictures will be in the next post – the mid-month photo dump.  🙂

Weight:  18 pounds!

Height:  My guess is around 28 inches or so.

Medical Issues:  Still off the reflux meds, still taking Claritin, still having stuffy noses.  Not much has changed here, which could be considered a good thing!

Sleep:  Once we get her to sleep she’s awesome and will sleep through the night almost every night, until 6:30/7:30am.  Getting her to sleep is a battle, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to do that cry it out thing again.  We let her get back into bad habits while she was sick.

Clothing/Diaper Size:  She wears mostly 9-12 month clothes now, and size 3 disposable diapers.  I don’t remember the last time she went to daycare.  I feel like we’ve been living with my parents for a month, but it’s really only been a little over a week.

Diet:  She eats just about anything and everything you put in front of her.  I think her formula consumption has come down a bit, and may be more around 16-20 ounces per day, but she is gobbling solid food as fast as she can!

Milestones/Firsts:  We now have three top teeth, and a fourth one about to poke through!  She pulls up on everything, and if she can push it to walk behind it, she will.  It’s only a matter of time before she starts walking.  My mom said maybe two more weeks.  Such a big girl!

Likes:  Most everything.  She’s a very happy baby.

Dislikes:  Having her diaper changed or her clothes changed, and going to sleep.  That’s about the only times she cries for real.

Baby Gear Love:  Pretty much the same stuff from Month 9.  We have only gotten her a couple of new toys:

Zany Zoo

My aunt found something similar to this used, and she loves it, along with her walker from last month

Nanny got her a rocking horse, used, and she loves it.

My update:  Ah, my update.  The reason this is so short, and I am in so much pain.  To be brief, I’ve been having back issues/pain since January, and seeing a chiropractor since probably October for intermittent pain, but regularly since the end of February.  The chiro where I live wasn’t helping, so I switched to one in Savannah that had fixed my back before.  All was going along swimmingly, and then my doctor was sick.  He can’t possibly be blamed, but the girl he left to cover for him did a number on my back.  From April 7-16th, I could not walk or lay down without crying, and spent most of my time sitting against an ice pack hoping to numb it away and get rid of the inflammation, because that’s what they kept telling me to do.  On the 16th I got in to see a neurosurgeon, and he put me on some medicine that helped with the pain, but didn’t fix it. 

So his office scheduled me for surgery today, the 22nd.  I showed up, got hooked up to the machines and the IV in my hand and everything, and the doctor’s nurse called and told me they weren’t going to be able to make it because no one had told them I was scheduled and they couldn’t get away from what they were doing.  So now I’m rescheduled for Friday.  Three more days of pain.  At least I was able to come in to work I guess.  The pain isn’t nearly as bad as it was this time last week, so the more work I can do the less time I’ll have to take, which is a bonus.  And then I guess I can do the bulk of my recovery over the weekend instead of needing to take time there.  I keep looking for the silver lining, but my leg is still hurting, and now so is my hand where the IV was.  ::grumpy::

9 Months!

I know I know, late as usual.  Really late.  Sorry!  We lost her month stickers, and we couldn’t take the pictures without them, obviously.


Weight:  16.5 pounds as of her doctor’s appointment on March 14.  She really hasn’t gained that much in the last few months, but the doctor didn’t seem too concerned. 


Height:  27 inches!  Longer than I thought.  Looking at pictures of her, she doesn’t LOOK like she’s going to be tall.  Her legs look short to me.  One of my friend’s kids is 13 months and he’s almost 33 inches tall, so…she may be a shorty.  We’ll see.


Medical Issues:  Heart appointment on March 6 went well!  He said he could still hear the murmur, but her EKG was good so they didn’t even do an echo.  They see her again in September, and the doctor said he thinks she may really be one of the lucky ones who’s pulmonic stenosis goes away.  He is hoping she’ll be all but grown out of it by the time she’s 2.  One can only hope!  Also, she took her last dose of Prevacid on March 7.  She has not had any major spit-ups, and hasn’t slowed down her eating due to obvious pain at all.  SO HAPPY.  She has had a pretty nasty sinus infection, but they put her on Amoxicillan and she seems to be doing a little better (still sounds congested though).  Hopefully it will warm up soon, because I’m sure the weather is what is making all of us so sick.  80 one day and 40 the next is not cool, Mother Nature.


Sleep:  She goes to be around 9 recently (though last night it was 8), and likes to get up around 6-7.  She’s been so sick that most of the time she falls asleep eating her bottle and we just put her in bed asleep, so I have no clue how the self-soothing thing is working out for her.  Daycare said they put her in her crib awake but sleepy and she just rolls over and goes to sleep for her naps, so it must be ok!


Clothing/Diaper Size:  We are trying to get as much use as possible out of her 6-month onesies so we don’t have to buy long-sleeved 9 month ones, but they are starting to get a little tight some of them.  She is well into 9 month pants, and some of those even look too tight (or maybe I just don’t get jeggings).  Still in Size 3 disposables, and eventually she will be back in her medium cloth diapers, once I find time to strip them and get them clean.  I hate ammonia.  😛


Diet:  She definitely shows a preference for feeding herself.  She will allow me to feed her in the morning from a spoon, most of the time.  But at night she wants to feed herself.  Daycare manages to feed her pretty well it seems.  She usually gets:
Breakfast: a fruit mixed with some rice cereal and sometimes either a waffle wheel or puffs to distract her while I finish getting ready to go
Lunch:  torn up bits of turkey or chicken, diced pears or peaches, some kind of vegetable either steamed and cut up into tiny bites (carrots, sweet potato) or pureed.  She also has puffs at daycare that they give her for snacks, and she has a straw sippy there to drink water with.  She also gets 3 bottles of formula (8 ounces) while at daycare
Dinner:  Similar to lunch most of the time, with the addition of a quarter of a graham cracker for “dessert.”  Nighttime bottle is usually 9 ounces, but she rarely finishes it.

She needs to eat more solids, and I’m tempted to let her try and eat the lunch daycare provides, but I’m terrified it’ll have dairy or soy in it and she’ll have a reaction at school.  I’m just a big ball of nerves still when it comes to her eating.  Everyone has to have a hangup, right?


Milestones/Firsts:  She pulls up on EVERYTHING.  If she thinks she can hold onto it to stand, she’s going to do it.  As a result, we no longer have a coffee table in our living room.  She says “mama” now, and it’s awesome.  I wish she’d say it when she was happy and wanted to play, and not just when she’s upset or needs something, but I guess I should get used to that.  Her first top tooth popped through last night!


Likes:  Standing, “walking,” “talking,” jumping (see below), being with me and B, playing with her toys at home and at school, eating solid foods and feeding herself like a big girl, chewing on anything she can get her mouth on


Dislikes:  Being sick, being wet or dirty (diaper – mom says she should be easy to potty train), having me feed her purees when she wants to feed herself


Baby Gear Love:  She still likes all of her old toys (apparently we’re never throwing anything away)

We got her this walker toy for Christmas, and she loves to press all the buttons on it.  She sits in front of it, kneels up on it, stands and leans on it, and recently started actually taking some shaky steps behind it.  🙂

Her sippy cups.  I think since I drink out of straw cups all the time, she thinks she’s big like me.  She hates normal sippy cups, and I’m ok with that.  I’d rather she drink out of straw cups anyway.

Her bath tub mat, that I can’t for the life of me find a link to.  We got it at Wal-mart in the baby section, and it’s just a Winnie the Pooh plastic suction mat for the tub.  The duck tub didn’t work for long because she tried to crawl out of it and would crash into the sides of the tub with her head.  It’s easier to just put her in the big tub on a non-slip mat and let her crawl around and play with her toys.  I usually get in with her and bathe her and then we have playtime.

She regularly plays with an assortment of small rattles and balls, and loves boxes.  She also loves board books of all kinds, but touch and feels are particularly good right now.  This is her favorite.


My update:  I have been fighting the same congestion/sickness that Kara has been for the last month.  I also managed to mess up my back, so that it hurt to exist.  I started going to my old chiropractor in Savannah, because the one in Statesboro just was NOT getting anywhere, and after 3 weeks of 3x/week visits, it’s starting to feel better.  Or it was until I coughed on Tuesday and knocked it out of joint again.  But we WILL get there – I have faith!

I am exhausted recently, and I’m not really sure why.  I have an appointment with my endocrinologist Mar. 31, and I’m going to talk about it with him.  Maybe my thyroid meds are off.  I have been colder than normal (and then blazing hot at other times), so I guess it’s possible.

Most importantly, my application to work at home has been approved.  I will get my laptop next week, go through some training the first week in April, and then start on April 7.  I am so excited.  I get two hours back in my day, for a total of at least 8 per week (I usually stay in Savannah one night with my parents, so I have one day off of commuting).  Not to mention, I usually don’t need a full 8 hours to do my work, so I’m pretty happy about at least having the possibility of some days being able to take some time for myself, sleep a little extra, take a longer shower, go running (once my back is better), straighten the house a bit, and cook a real meal so we can eat dinner as a family.  Right now I get home between 6 and 7, feed Kara her food, bathtime, playtime, bottle time, and by then it’s usually 8:30 or 9 and I haven’t even started cooking.  We usually have cereal, Eggos, or some microwave meal around 9-9:30 and I’m in bed by 10.  Most days I don’t get to shower at all, and do so at the gym during my lunch hour.  My schedule is just a mess, so I’m really happy that I get to change it up some.  I’m very hopeful this will make life easier and make me feel happier and a whole lot less stressed out.

Mid-month camera dump

1- shoes

Our new shoes are a bit too big…

2 - shoes

but we’ll grow into them soon!

3 - ottoman

We’ve learned to crawl really really well now…

4 - under bed

and we go to the most interesting places – like under the bed!

5 - teethbrush

We showed everyone how we brush our teeth before bed at Aunt Maggie’s house…

6 - me and kara farm

and went to a wedding on a farm where we met…

7 - kara zebra

a zebra and…

8 - kara monkey

a monkey!

9 - tunnel

We love to crawl through tunnels…

11 - playing

and play with all our (many) toys!

10 - heart appt

We got hooked up to the heart machine (everything looked good)!

13 - st pats 2

And this morning, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style!

Kara’s First Disney Trip

I realized that I never wrote about her first Disney trip, and I found a ton of pictures on my phone, so…here we go!

We started out Friday night checking into the All Star Music Resort.  Everything was super nice, and they put us on the first floor, which was great with the stroller.  We also had an adjoining room with our friends, so that was cool.  After we checked in we went to Downtown Disney for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, because we were starving.


Then we strolled around DD for a bit, and saw the new Lego statue.  Amazing!


Kara didn’t see it though, because she was pass out baby.  Luckily, her stroller seems to be pretty comfortable (good thing since she slept in it a LOT while we were at Disney).


We headed back to the hotel, got a good night’s sleep, and woke up bright and early to go to Epcot for the whole day Saturday!  It’s my favorite park, and because I had recently only gone to Disney with people who don’t like it, I hadn’t been there in years, so I was really excited.


Kara’s first ride was Spaceship Earth (the one inside the giant ball).  She rode with me and our friend, A2 (A’s sister…this is going to be hard without names, oh well).


Then we rode Finding Nemo, and went to the Aquarium!


Lunch was in Germany at Biergarten, where I tried to let her feed herself and she promptly gagged on a small piece of potato and threw up on herself.  Lovely.  The band played Edelweiss, which is our bedtime song, and she loved it.  I hate that some of these cell phone pictures are so dark.  😦


Third (and final) ride of the day was Journey into Imagination with Figment.  My favorite ride of all-time, and I heard they were shutting it down, so she HAD to go on it while we were there.  She liked it, for the most part.  There’s a part at the end that’s dark and there’s a loud boom, and she was not amused.  She liked the gift store with Daddy though!


Then we went to dinner with the Princesses at Akershus Castle in Norway.  This was a gigantic waste of money (although the food was great, you definitely pay for the experience), but I can see it being a huge timesaver/sanity saver when she gets older.  Instead of tracking down princesses and spending hours in lines, you just meet them all as they come by your table.  Brilliant!

We first “met” Belle (Kara slept through the whole dinner, but at least we didn’t have to pay for her):


Then Sleeping Beauty:


Then Cinderella:


Then Snow White:


Ariel also came by, but didn’t take a picture.  After dinner we left Epcot so I could get in bed early.  This is where I’d love to start talking about the half marathon I ran (the whole purpose for going to Disney in the first place), but I can’t because I woke up at 1am and threw up all over the bathroom, so I didn’t run.  Maybe next year.

We woke up and went to Hollywood Studios, and had lunch at the Sci Fi Drive In, which I usually love.  The burger was good, but the milkshake was bad.  How do you mess up a milkshake?  B, A, and A2 rode Tower of Terror while I sat with Kara, and then A2 sat with her while the rest of us rode Star Tours.  We called in an early afternoon because A2 and I were both sick, and A actually had run the half marathon.  S had also run it, and we were worried because she was back at the hotel and hadn’t eaten anything yet, so we went back to check on her.  No pictures from Hollywood Studios, as a result.

After hanging out at the hotel for a bit, we went to the Magic Kingdom.  We got there as the fireworks were going, so at least I got to see a little of them.  We had our picture taken with the castle:


and then took Kara to meet Mickey Mouse.  She was VERY skeptical, but she never cried!

Kara and Mickey 1 Mom is going to feed me to a giant rat Kara's First Look at Mickey Kara and Mickey 2 Family with Mickey

After that, we met up with A, C, and J, and went on our only ride at the Magic Kingdom:  The Little Mermaid.  Kara sat with them while we went, because it’s a new ride and I didn’t know whether it was appropriate for her or not, and then we sat with her while they went.  I LOVED it, and Kara can definitely go on it next time. 🙂


After The Little Mermaid, we walked through the rest of New Fantasyland so we could see it (and it’s awesome), and then grabbed some food over by Splash Mountain.  By this time it was after 9 on our third night in Disney, and Kara finally lost it.  She pitched a fit, so we pack it in MUCH earlier than we had planned and went back to the hotel.  The next day was brunch at Downtown Disney, some shopping, and then home.

For those who are wondering, while we got some cute pictures, I would not recommend Disney with an 8 month old that has just learned to crawl.  Ours was a weird situation because we had planned a trip with our friends and mom was going to watch Kara, but then she was super sick so we ended up having to bring her with us.  It may be different, and even fun, to bring a baby with you if you plan appropriately and have low expectations for what you’re going to see and do.  But this trip was not the first trip I had hoped for.  After planning for 7 months of ways to get as much stuff in as possible so my friends who had never seen Disney could do it all, being brought to a grinding halt was too fast of a downshift to recover and have a good time for me.  I also felt really bad that my friends paid all of this money to go, then basically ended up doing 1/4 of what they wanted because of my child.  Even now, almost a month later, I still feel like I owe a couple of them another trip down there, all expenses paid, because I’m so guilt-ridden.  But I know they’d never let me do it.

I will say this, though.  Do NOT go to Disney with a baby without an army to help you unless you plan to ride and do NOTHING.  B and I probably would’ve spent most of the trip hiding at the hotel and crying if we hadn’t had other people there to help relieve some of the stress so we could have a few minutes to go ride something or eat our own food.

Mid-month photo dump

Pictures of our month so far!

allergy testAllergy test baby! 

apple in mesh feederApples in mesh bag, gourmet cuisine for babies

first shoesNew shoes!

first target tripFirst trip to Target, chewing on our stuffed tiger

GSU alumniGSU Alumni, big hat to fill

Lunchtime!  Turkey, diced peaches, and sweet potato puffs!

playing on knees Playing on my knees!

present opening 2Opening Aunt C’s present!

present opening 3Wrapping paper is tasty!



puffs 1Puffs are sticky!



puffs 2But they are super tasty!  NOM!


ringsMy new ring!  It matches my wedding band, but has Kara’s birthstone (alexandrite) instead of B’s (emerald).

standerHanging out in her stander in Nanny’s kitchen

straw cupSuccessfully using her straw cup to drink water.  So proud.

things i'm not supposed to play withPlaying with things she’s not supposed to…she loves the Roomba!

valentine's dayMy Valentine ❤

walkerHanging out in the walker in our kitchen while I make us lunch

8 Months!


Yea yea, I’m really late.  I know.  It’s been a busy month at work.  😛


Weight:  No clue.  Somewhere around 16 pounds?  She lost some weight after her last doctor’s visit because her sickness kept her from eating (and what she did eat she threw up).


Height:  Will not know until March, but I don’t think she’s getting taller very quickly, so probably still 25-26 inches.


Medical Issues:  The missed dose of reflux medication did NOT go over well, so she’s still on that.  She does fine while on it.  The doctor wants us to try her again once she hits 9 months, so we’ll see how it goes.  She got really really sick (viral bronchiolitis and viral tonsilitis at the same time) for a couple of weeks, got better for a week, and is now stuffy again.  I’m a suctioning fool, and hopefully she will be better really really soon.  Next heart appointment is in March!


Sleep:  We started with cry it out.  Everything I read said that after 4 days, the child will adjust to their new routine and stop fighting.  Stubborn children may take a week.  Here we are, almost two weeks later, still crying every naptime and at bedtime.  She usually only cries 10-15 minutes before passing out, but still.  It breaks my heart.  I thought it would be short-lived, and I’d only have to handle it for a few days…but this is some kind of torturous hell.  Good news is that once she’s asleep for the night, she usually sleeps until 6:30 or 7am.  If we get her to bed by 8:30 (target bedtime), that’s 10 hours or so of sleep.


Clothing/Diaper Size:  All of this is the same as last month, so apparently she’s not growing by leaps and bounds like she was, haha.


Diet:  She started refusing the spoon.  That was super fun.  Daycare told me they trick her by letting her hold her own spoon, and when she goes to “feed herself” from the empty spoon, they sneak the real spoon in.  I did this for a while, and then magically she started eating off the spoon again.  But only for breakfast and dinner (which, coincidentally, are the meals with her reflux meds, so the only solids meals that matter); for lunch she still fights the spoon.  I let daycare fight it out with her and purees because I don’t know how to pack a lunch for an 8-month-old, but when I’m home, I usually just give her torn up bits of turkey, some puffs, and some diced fruits/veggies and let her self-feed.  She loves it.  I’m not sure how much she is actually eating, but it usually occupies her long enough for me to make and eat my own lunch, and clean the kitchen and make her lunchtime bottle.  I have no idea how much food my child is actually eating.  She eats about half a “tub” of purees a day, and then whatever actually makes it down her throat at lunchtime.  She takes 3-4 bottles per day, for a total of about 25 ounces of formula.


She saw an allergist recently, and wasn’t positive for anything.  But he still wants us to keep milk, soy, green peas, oats, and peanuts out of her diet until she’s at least a year old since she’s shown intolerances to the first four and peanuts are a common allergy when you show intolerances toward legumes (soy, green peas).

allergy test

Milestones/Firsts:  She crawls!  Like full-on crawls, not just army crawling.  She is a fast little booger, too.  She loves to use me as a jungle gym, and crawls/climbs all over me when I’m on the floor.  She has also started to babble “dadadadadada.”  Still just two teeth.

Aw maaaaan picture time again 

Likes:  Moving, feeding herself, playing with toys, me, B, her monkey lovey and Violet.

best friends

Dislikes:  Being held still.  She hates it worse than anything.  And getting her nose sucked out.

big eyes

Baby Gear Love:  All the stuff from Month 7 still

We graduated from the sink to the tub with this duck tub

I have mentioned it before, but the Nose Frida is a must.  Best snot-sucker out there.

This is the carseat in B’s car now, but will be moving to mine once she outgrows the infant seat.  I love it, B hates it.  Hence it moving to my car and us getting him something else.

hard to stand when you want that rattle

My update:  We leave for Disney on Friday, and I am SO EXCITED.  My mom and aunts were going to watch Kara, but mom is sick so B and I talked and decided if she’s not up to it we will take Kara on her first trip to Disney.  We’ll have to alter our plans/schedules a bit, but that’s ok.  We get to use MagicBands, and I’m pretty interested to see how they’ll work.  They look nice, if nothing else!  The half marathon is Sunday morning, so think good thoughts for me then!


Life at home has been pretty rough, but this isn’t the place to talk about that.  B doesn’t want me putting his life/issues all over the internet, and I aim to respect that request.

so close to figuring out glowworm

I’m still waiting to hear from work about whether I can work from home.  Shouldn’t have any word on that until some time next month, so all I can do is wait and keep doing my best and hope it pays off.  With any luck, I’ll be working from home three days a week starting in April, which will save me anywhere from 6-8 hours each week commuting, and approximately $4000 in gas each year.  Please please please please please….::crosses fingers and gets back to work::

But first, a story in pictures:

hmmm what's thatLook at all that cool stuff over there…

Like the Kleenex box, with tissues!

mom took my tissue
Hey no fair, mom took my tissue…

now she's taking the whole box
And now she’s taking the whole box!

no worries there's plenty to play with over here
No worries, there’s still eyedrops I can play with…or not.  Mom never lets me do anything fun.

Mid-month photo dump

1Kara’s first self-portrait, taken on B’s iPad

It’s a baby unicorn!

We finally put the finishing touches on Kara’s room!

Ready to go for a jog with mom, with lots of room to grow, haha!

high chair
At Steak and Shake with mom and Aunt A –
first time in a restaurant high chair!

Not a fan of pouches yet.  We’ll get there!

Sitting in mom’s old highchair.  Looks brand new, right?

papa feeding

 kara and papa
Hanging out with PaPa before bed

Such a big girl in her walker and holding her own bottle (with help from the dragon/dinosaur thing her Nanny found)

7 Months!

As you can see, we had a bit of trouble getting SOMEONE to sit still for a picture…

Weight:  No clue – will update tomorrow if they weigh her.  We have an appointment for a flu booster – yay!!  😛  My guess is somewhere around 16 pounds.  EDIT:  She was 15.75 pounds at the doctor’s office on Jan. 17th.  🙂


Height:  Probably still 25-26 inches, but I’m not sure.  She won’t get measured again until March!


Medical Issues:  So far so good.  Next doctor’s appointment (heart and regular) are in March.  Since she’s almost 7.5 months, we’re going to try her next week with missing a dose of her reflux meds (per the doctor’s orders), and see how she does.  Last time we skipped a dose (in Nov/Dec), it was awful, so hopefully it’ll be at least a little better than that, even if she’s not completely better.


Sleep:  She won’t nap.  Seriously.  The kid sleeps for MAYBE 30 minutes at a time during the day.  Result?  By the time I get home from work I have a fussy, cranky, overtired baby.  Teething doesn’t help.  We’re trying to move her into her own room, which seems like it’s actually going ok, if she didn’t wake up from teething.  I know eventually we’re going to have to just let her cry it out.  I hate that that is what’s in our (very near) future.  I’m at least waiting until it’s a weekend so I can sleep instead of having to work the next day(s).


Clothing/Diaper Size:  Clothing she wears 6-12 month onesies, 6-9 month sleepers (mostly), and 9 month pants.  She is solidly in 3’s in disposables, and medium inserts/rise snap in cloth.  She was having leaks for a little bit, but they seem to fit her better now. 


Diet:  Some days she eats great, others not so much.  I blame it on teething (like I blame everything else on teething right now – I hear that’s the cool thing to do).  I stopped keeping track, and will only start again if she starts losing weight or stagnates significantly.  She eats a little more than 1 “tub” of the Stage 2 foods every day, and is back up to drinking about 30 or so ounces of formula.  Which means it’s time to up her solids just a tad.

She got a rash and some other signs that her MSPI was flaring after we gave her peas (and other “meals” with peas in them), so we cut those out of her diet and she’s back to normal now.  I guess that food is on the “possible allergy” list for now, along with dairy and soy.


Milestones/Firsts:  She rolled from back to tummy, and is consistently rolling both ways now to get where she wants, and can sit unassisted for short periods.  She also gets up on all fours and rocks, army crawls (mostly backwards), and lunges forward head first (terrifying) from her rocking position.  She has two teeth that have broken through the surface, and babbles constantly (though none of it is intelligible yet).  She sat up in a high chair at a restaurant recently for the first time, and we started using the convertible seat in B’s car, which is a lifesaver for my back.


Likes:  Sitting, moving, standing, jumping…anything that’s not staying still, people, her toys, anything that makes music especially, eating.


Dislikes:  Not much other than napping.  She’s very impatient about her food as well. 


Baby Gear Love:  All the stuff from Month 6 still

This dinosaur

Catch Me Kitty

This book that B’s aunt found

Her monkey lovey from my aunt



My update:  I’m doing well overall I guess.  A little tired, and a lot frustrated with work.  I was told I’d be able to start working from home in April, and now they’re backtracking and saying not until October.  I wouldn’t be nearly so angry if they hadn’t gotten my hopes up in the first place.  Oh well, maybe they’ll still be wrong and I can start in April after all.

I’m mostly just excited at this point about watching Kara hit milestones and become mobile, and our trip to Disney next month.  Nothing else really stands out to me at this point.  Getting the bad news from work has really put a damper on my entire mood, and I keep waiting for it to lift, but it just isn’t.  My motivation to be here right now is NIL, and has been since I talked to my boss on Thursday.  I really need to get back with the program though, or else it won’t matter because I’ll get fired for not meeting my productivity goals.  Ugh.   :-/